Thank you for your interest in Synapse Psychological Services. You may be a bit apprehensive but most people take a while before deciding to come into therapy. Let me assure you, you are making the right choice. We are the premier provider of adult psychotherapy, testing and counsellling services in Barbados.

Mental health is as important as any other aspect of your well being and we understand that you demand, deserve and will expect the best care possible.

Most persons seek our services at a time of extreme stress, crisis or adjustment; please be assured of our commitment to focussing on your need and holding the vision of health for you until you can do it for yourself.

No magical fixes

Few issues emerge suddenly; generally, they develop over long periods of time and unfortunately, a magical fix is nothing more than a comforting illusion. Be prepared to invest in exploring your history, motivation and patterns of thinking.

The more you understand why you make certain choices, the faster you can create the changes that would result in different choices and outcomes.


While session material is totally confidential, the therapist is duty bound to break that confidentiality if at any time you are in danger of injuring yourself or another person. Clinic notes may also be subpeonaed by a High Court Judge in special cases.

Best wishes as you begin this journey to wholeness, either alone or with some significant other.